ALBO Trading provides service on high technology products. Our portfolio, which starts from Ballistic material, the simplest but important to use, our tactical products which involve many different products from binoculars to advanced technology imaging systems are produced by the most outstanding companies of the world and they are only distributed,
executed, and operated in Turkey by our company.
Production is a focal point of our company, with a real competitive edge in the Defense Industry and a form that can meet internal / external needs. Primarily, support of the product that we distribute (execution operation), in the future production based on technologies of these products is our main purpose. Apart from a classical distribution activity, our company is trying to be the Solution Partner for the Mission-Need owners. Our company, which continuously make researches for this, tries to meet the needs with more effective, economical and safe solutions in a timely manner. Military Technologies and their implementation strategies and tactics are investigated and followed, and the presentation of the results of their analysis is the basis of our activities.
It is certain that the competition as a result of private sector dynamism will affect the product in both price and quality and it will increase customer/buyer satisfaction. Such an environment in our country will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the development of the Defense Industry and will be an important step towards ensuring that the private sector is involved in this industry and also the success of it. In this context, not only State Institutions or related institutions but also private sector should be encouraged and supported.